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Environmental Sustainability

Dec. 2020

Since the establishment the establishment in 2012 Swiss Fittings AG has been a strong supporter of manufacturing, operating, and distributing in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. We strive to act as a leader in practicing sustainability and in facing today’s environmental challenges.
Through partnerships and implementing best practice, we aim to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and our people. We divide our sustainability practice into 3 interconnecting categories:

Product, Distribution and Manufacturing

Product: Stainless Steel, Fittings and Valves with a Lasting Value

It is not a coincidence that Swiss Fittings’ main product focus is on fluid components made out of stainless steel. Even though the production of stainless steel is energy costly, the product lifetime and the recyclability is considered environmentally friendly. According to several international forums, stainless steel is highly recyclable. Even after decades of use, stainless steel can be recycled again. Besides being a durable material, this material is considered by environmental agencies, (e.g. The Umweltbundesamt), to be ideal for pipes, valves and fittings that come in contact with drinking water (Bewertungsgrundlage für Metallene, Werkstoffe im Kontakt mit Trinkwasser Mai. 2020).

Distribution, Product and Information: Online, Shipments, Supply-Chain

Swiss Fittings is your direct supplier of stainless-steel products. We have reduced the supply chain and have made unnecessary deliveries and shipments redundant. In the past, products were sent across Europe, from warehouse to warehouse, until the products reached the end-client. Swiss Fittings AG is direct: directly from production we distribute to the end client. We utilize economies of scope and scale, to ship items from production facilities to our European central warehouse. Swiss Fittings aims to produce OEM-products regionally. We also partner with freight forwarders that uphold our promise to make our distribution environmentally (CO2 Negative) and socially sustainable. While being environmentally sustainable in regards to physical distribution is important, we also consider the importance of our data distribution. Swiss Fittings websites and IT infrastructure is hosted by servers according to BS EN 16247-1:2012. Additionally, Swiss Fittings AG operates paperless and completely digital.

Manufacturing: Environment & Social Standards

Besides following the general standards of ISO 14001:2005, we highly encourage our partner factories and staff to daily challenge the way we produce, in order to lead in sustainability. Large investments are made, and “not in the distant future” Swiss Fittings can offer a CO2 neutral Pressfitting made of stainless steel. International organisations and Economic World Forums provide excellent instructions on how we can solve the current issues. Nevertheless, we depend on our partners and staff, to apply these. Further investments need to be made and ideas need to be continually challenged and improved.


Swiss Fittings AG
We are aware that we operate in an interdependent environment. Our operation influences many different stakeholders. Sustainability in regards to the environment and social responsibility is our key mission in 2021 and for the coming years.

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