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Compression Fittings

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Your Online Fittings Shop Also Offers Malleable Cast Iron Sealing Clamps

The compression fittings offered by Swiss Fittings, in high grade malleable iron, are manufactured for connecting and are even used for repairing pipes. Currently, we have six different models of H-Elastics. Our clamp connector tee (TKK-Coupling) where both sides clamp and with a central thread is used when three outlets need to be securely connected. Our saddle clamp (Tapping Clamps), is the newest product in our H-elastic series and is available in sizes 3/4” x 1/2” and 1” x 1/2”. Our pipe repair clamp (REP-Coupling) is the most popular product in this series, installed to seal holes, cracks and porous spots.

How to Install Malleable Cast Iron Compression Fittings

The assembly instructions for compression fittings are easy, however if not followed correctly, can lead to an unsecure connection. Prior to any installation of stainless steel valves, fittings, flanges, and malleable iron compression fittings, it is vital to inspect if the parts are damaged or scratched. Should there be any damage or a defect caused by transportation or faulty manufacturing do not install or use the item. Further, always be sure that the initial fluid outlet is in adequate condition. Before the installation of a compression fitting, investigate if there are any damages to the pipe. For a secure installation it is highly important for the pipe end to be straight, without thread, and free from any burr and paint. Slide the nut onto the pipe followed by the O-Ring and gasket. The seal should be around 10 mm (.4 inches) from the initial pipe’s outlet. Carefully insert the pipe into the main body of the fitting. Prior to threading the nut and the main fitting together, investigate if there is a perfect fit between the main body and the pipe. While screwing the nut into the body, hold the body still. Using a wrench can be useful in connecting the fitting with the nut; however this should be done with care as this can damage the fitting. For the sealing clamp and saddle clamp (Tapping Clamps) first clean the part of the pipe where the clamp will be installed. Make sure the pipe is straight and free from any paint and burr. Place the sealing sleeve around the pipe and eliminate any air bubbles. Then slowly connect the bottom of the clamp to the back of the pipe, while connecting next the fitting to the front. Align the screw holes from both of the fitting parts and insert the screws. Both clamps offered by Swiss Fittings have four screws that need to be tightened with the appropriate tools. The screws should be tightened by cross wising, meaning when tightening the first screw, continue with the screw that is farthest from the initial screw. When the second screw is tightened, continue with the screw on the opposite side of the fitting. Swiss Fittings is an international expert in production, distribution and installation of fittings. Should there be any questions in regards to the fittings we offer, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Whether Stainless Steel or MIPF Fittings, Swiss Fittings Is Your Reliable Supplier

Besides MIPF fittings, Swiss Fittings has a large stock of stainless steel flanges DIN, pipes ISO, valves, and fittings. While some of the items offered are directly from our own production, others are from leading manufacturers. Currently, Swiss Fittings delivers globally within a few days. Furthermore, we are a reliable partner for OEM items, with the ability to store your products in America, Europe and Asia. Also for MIPF and copper, Swiss Fittings has the experience to offer OEM products at the highest standards, for a fair price.