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Pipe Couplings

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Stainless Steel Teekay Pipe Couplings 

The Teekay pipe coupling are an alternative to weld, thread, or flange connections. The gearing within the coupling provides a fast and durable connection for high pressure ratings. These fittings are often utilized for reparations and new installations, for industrial and marine applications. Pipe can either be out of stainless steel, C-steel or cooper. Swiss Fittings delivers the Axilcok pipe coupling type IV, with the body out of stainless steel, with EPDM sealings. Teekays are available in several different dimensions including coupling 42.4 mm, coupling 48.3 mm, and coupling 54.0 mm. For dimensions larger than 219.1 mm Swiss Fittings can deliver on inquiry bases. Swiss Fittings is a large stocker holder of stainless-steel fittings, valves and flanges. Delivery throughout Europe is 2 – 3 working days. Besides the stock orders, Swiss Fittings has the capabilities to deliver directly from production within 90 – 120 days.

Installation of Teekay Couplings

Installation of Teekay Couplings: 1. Inspection of the condition of the Teekay Coupling It is always essential to have a Teekay Coupling in good conditions in order to provide a durable connection. Do not drop or dismantle the coupling. Further, always check the that anchor rings are present on both sides of the coupling. When properly installed and removed, the coupling can be used up to 10 times. After 3 installations of the coupling, pre-lubricatoin for the screws might be required. 2. Inspection of Pipe that will be connected The pipes need to be straight. The maximum acceptable pipe offset is 3 mm or 1% of the pipe diameter, depending on what is smaller. 3. Pipe ends and surface The pipe ends need to be cut square and sharp edges and burrs need to be removed. The pipe surface is required to be clean and smooth, without any loose materials. The distance between the pipe ends of Axilock couplings is max. 8 mm. 4. Installation of the Pipe Coupling Slide the pipe coupling over the two pipes and align. Tighten the pipe supports prior to tightening the coupling. Inspect that the pipes are not misaligned. Use the proper torque wrench to tighten the screw, by alternating from screw to screw. Please check that the torque is according to the required torque. 5. Prior to Dismantling Ensure that there is no pressure on the pipe line and protection is provided in case of spilling liquid. 6. Dismantling the Pipe Coupling Screws should be loosened by alternating between them. Do not remove completely. Do not rotate the body of the coupling as long as the anchor teeth are engaged. Slide the coupling off from the pipe. Prior to reinstallation, clean the coupling. Label on the Coupling Every coupling has a label indicating important information. The first digits on the label (1) are traceability numbers, allowing to always request further information in regards of production. (2) Indicates which type of coupling it is. Currently there are 3 types. Type 1 Coupling has a casing and lockpart in 304 stainless steel. Type 2 is casing in 304 while the lockpart is in 316. Type 4 has a casing and lockpart in 316 stainless steel. (3) Indicates the gasket material, which provides insight into the temperature capabilities. EPDM withholds temperatures of - 40 °C to + 100 °C, while NBR - 20 °C to + 80 °C. (4) Indicates the outside diameter of the pipes for which the coupling can be used. (5) Indicates the Pipe Matertial which the coupling is applicable. St = Carbon Steel, St.St. = Stainless Steel, CuNi. = Copper Nickel. (6) Indicates the Operating Pressure. (7) Indicates the Tightening torque for screws. (8) Maximum Pipe Gap.

Swiss Fittings is a Stockholder and Producers of Stainless Steel Fluid Technology

Swiss Fittings is a stockholder of pipe couplings out of stainless steel. Delivery throughout Europe is 2 – 3 working days. We deliver the ABC of stainless-steel fittings, valves and flanges. Besides pipe couplings Swiss Fittings, has a large portfolio in pressfittings (M-Profil & V-Profil) and screw fittings.