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  1. Union Conical Seat F/F
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  2. Union Conical Seat F/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  3. Union Flat Seat F/F
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  4. Union Flat Seat F/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  5. Union Conical Seat BW
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  6. Union Flat Seat BW
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  7. Elbow Union 90°, Flat F/F
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  8. Elbow Union 90° Flat F/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  9. Union Conical Seat M/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  10. Union Conical Seat BW/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  11. Union Flat Seat BW/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  12. Union Flat Seat BW/F
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
  13. Union Flat M/M
    Material: 1.4408/CF8M
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Stainless Steel Conical and Flat Unions BSP Thread (ISO7-1) 150lb Available Online 

Swiss Fittings offers a wide range of, both conical union and flat union versions with BSP threads (British Metric & European Metric) in stainless steel 316 (V4A). They differ in sealing type and shape. There are union elbows with a 90° bend as well as straight unions. Stainless steel unions are installed in various machines and industrial plants. Unions consist of three parts including one nut and two pluggable parts and have either threaded or butt weld ends. The union nut holds the two pluggable parts, and in the case of the flat union, the PTFE seal, together. Typical installation are in food and beverage equipment, irrigation, pumping, petrochemical, marine, agriculture, machinery and motoring.

What Are the Differences Between a Conical Union and a Flat Union?

Flat unions, such as the stainless steel flat union elbow, has a PTFE seal between the nut and the internal male union part. Conical unions, such as the stainless steel union conical seat female/male, do not have a PTFE seal between the nut and the male union part. Flat unions are usually installed when both connecting outlets are difficultly positioned. There are many different union distributor, such as Grainger and Ferguson, however all 150lb unions supplied have the same objective: to provide a sustainable and secure connection. When a stainless steel conical or flat union is installed, it is difficult to identify which type of union it is without disassembling the fitting. Usually, manufacturers do not mark the fittings’ surface to simplfy the identification.

High Quality Fittings, 150LB BSP Threaded Fittings, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, DIN

Swiss Fittings offers several different types of gas and fluid connectors, including stainless steel butt weld fittings in DIN, and stainless steel flanges DIN standard. Besides offering items from stock, Swiss Fittings can also deliver directly from production. All items offered adhere to the highest quality standards, and can be delivered in Europe within 2-3 days and to North America within 4-5 days. Swiss Fittings has a production site for investment casting and forging, with the capabilities to produce customized stainless steel products, according to your dimensions and drawings.