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  1. Angle Valve
    Material: CW617N
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High Quality Angle Valves for the Bathroom with KTW and DVGW Approvals

In addition to industrial items, such as press fittings and flanges, Swiss Fittings is also an international distributor of bathroom accessories, including angle valves. All items offered are direct from own production sites or leading manufacturers. Swiss Fittings is aware of the necessary certifications and approvals needed for all products. Our products have been successfully installed for decades. The reason we are able to maintain high and sustainable quality levels, is that we understand the items, from material procurement, the complete production process up to an including delivery logistics. Swiss Fittings has expert metal engineers in stainless steel, copper, and malleable iron (galvanized steel). Furthermore, we understand the importance of plastics and rubbers used in valve seals. With our own production sites, Swiss Fittings knows every step in the production of the fittings, valves, flanges, and pipes. In addition our logistical team is an expert in global delivery and warehousing solutions.

What should I look for when selecting an Angle Valve?

Angle valves are an important component in bathrooms and kitchens where they are installed as a transition between the back and the front installations. They have the vital function of shutting off a channel of fluids securely, such as water. While there are many good distributors and manufacturers of angle valves, including Schell, Nil, Grohe, it is always important to know what a good angle valve should do. Prior to any installation it is essential to inspect the angle valve and to check the threads. Should any defects be visible the angle valve should not be installed. An angle valve is a shut-off valve that is usually installed where liquids are transported. Therefore, all rubbers and plastics that come into contact with the fluid need to be tested and approved by a respectable agency. The angle valves from Swiss Fittings are mainly distributed in Germany and are used in drinking water applications. Therefore, all rubbers have DVGW and KTW approvals.

Angle Valve with or without a seal

Swiss Fittings currently offers two types of angle valves, with or without the O-ring seal. The O-ring seals are on the thread and provide a secure, tight connection. Larger quantities of angle valves can be ordered directly from our production.