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Drinking Ball Valve

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What Stainless Steel Ball Valves does Swiss Fittings Offer Online?

Swiss Fittings is an expert in stainless steel valves and carries a large product range of valves with BSPP (ISO7-1) threads, NPT threads, butt weld ends, flanged ends and press ends. Our standard ball valves are manufactured in 4 different models. The smallest valve offered is the stainless steel mini ball valve. The 1-pic. ball valve with reduced bore comes in sizes 1/4” to 2”, and is PED CE approved, with a test certificate according to EN10204 3.1. Our popular stainless steel 2-pc. ball valve comes in the standard and in the extended length (2-pic. ball valve M3). Furthermore, Swiss Fittings also offers the 2-pc. ball valve with butterfly handles. Our butt weld ball valves are available in the standard 3-pc. ball valve version, either with ISO mounting pads for actuators or a locking device. Since 2016 Swiss Fittings also offers the stainless steel 3-way ball valve either with L-Port or with T-Port. The 2-pc. flanged ball valves are available in sizes DN32 to DN100, and can be installed together with out stainless steel flanges. The demand for our stainless steel bibcocks, also known as the stainless steel bib tap, has steadily increased throughout the years. This high quality item comes in various threads and sizes starting at 1/2”. Our stainless steel tap extensions are commonly installed together with the bibcocks, to secure an elegant and sustainable path channel from the back of the installations to the front end.

Our Popular Stainless Steel Ball Valves with Press Ends and Y-Strainers 

Along with our DVGW approved stainless steel press fittings with M-Profile (M-Contour), Swiss Fittings also supplies the 3-pc. ball valve with press ends. This innovative product with the ISO direct mounting pad and full bore is installed in numerous industries throughout the world. The valve can be pressed together with the DVGW approved brushed stainless steel pipe in 6 meter lengths.

The stainless steel Y-strainers have an integrated mesh within the valves body. Swiss Fittings provides the standard mesh sizes from stock, however we can also deliver different mesh sizes directly from production. All Y-strainers offered through our online fittings and valve shop, have a female thread, and are frequently installed with out barrel nipples in extended lengths in drinking water applications.

What Stainless Steel Valve Basics do You Need to Know?

There are many stainless steel ball valves producers around the world that produce according to their own designs and quality standards. Similar to stainless steel fittings, the price of the valves is mainly determined by the quantity of material used and the manufacturing process needed. Some suppliers try to reduce the amount of material needed by using hollow balls in the valves or by streamlining the design. Additional features such as ISO mounting pads or polished valves for sanitary applications, will increase the quantity of material needed, therefore increasing the price of the valve. The standard ball valve made of stainless steel consists of casted parts and the gasket. Even though the valve gasket is only a small physical part when compared to the size of the entire valve, it is an important factor in regards of how much pressure the valve can withstand at different temperatures. Stainless steel ball valves are still globally assembled by hand, as the internal construction can be complex. After the valve is assembled, each valve is tested in regards to pressure. Other materials from which valves can be made from are carbon steel, brass, copper and bronze. Valves are a vital element in the flow of fluids and solids. These act as traffic lights in the system. With the world becoming even more automatic, actuators have become more and more necessary in valve applications. The five main actuator types are hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, magnetic and mechanical. These components are usually supplied separately therefore making it important to know which mounting pad is necessary for the actuator. Swiss Fittings offers most of the valves types with the ISO standard mounting pad.

Stainless Steel Fittings, Valves, and Pipes are Only a few Clicks Away

Whether a stainless steel cast 150# fitting or pipe clamp, Swiss Fittings is your expert in fluid technology and steel production. We take pride in our short delivery times, competitive prices, and high standard of quality, both in our physical goods offered as well as our online shop. Fearlessly, we research and develop to offer innovative products on a regular basis. Weekly incoming shipments from partner factories or our own production, assure there is always full stock for you.