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Stainless Steel Fittings NPT, Global Metrics

Besides the standard products that Swiss Fittings offers, including the stainless steel 150 threaded flange DIN2566 ISO7-1, Swiss Fittings also offers fittings and valves with NPT threads. The pipe and threaded fittings produced from stainless steel with the NPT thread are stocked in Germany and can be delivered globally within a few days.

The American national standard pipe thread (NPT) is the standard thread in the United States for fittings, flanges and valves. Outside the United States, the most common thread standard is the British Standard Pipe (BSP) which is similar to the ISO 7-1 thread. The NPT thread has a 60°-degree thread angle and a sellers thread form. Even though fittings using the British metric can temporarily join with a fitting with an NPT thread, it is strongly advised against doing so. Connecting two different thread standards to each other will not be a sustainable connection and the fittings’ thread could be damaged in the process. Even the use of Teflon tape and hemp will not make the connection sufficient.

Swiss Fittings offers the stainless steel weld nipple both with ISO 7-1 thread and NPT thread, creating an effective product for installers. The Weld Nipple NPT can be connected through welding for example with our stainless steel conical unions butt weld or stainless steel butt weld ball valve. Swiss Fittings does not only offer the weld nipple NPT, we also offer barrel nipples, elbows, tees, hexagon nipples and hexagon plugs with NPT threads. We even go one step further, keeping stock quantities of stainless steel 2-Pc. ball valve full bore F/F with NPT threads in various sizes.

The World of Threads on Stainless Steel Compression Fittings and Press Fittings

Our stainless steel press fittings and stainless steel compression fittings DIN2353 are available with NPT thread, on an inquiry basis from stock or directly from production. Furthermore, Swiss Fittings is currently developing a new stainless steel fitting called Adapter BSP-NPT. This adapter will allow simple transitions between NPT threaded fittings to BSP threaded fittings and vice versa. Swiss Fittings is your expert when it comes to thread standards.

International trade has highlighted the challenge of having the appropriate threads for needed applications. Many European applications and machines that were shipped to the USA are constructed with fittings, valves and flanges using a BSP thread. This is particularly challenging in the maritime industry as the ships physically move between countries that have different thread standards. Swiss Fittings has a broad range of different fittings and valves with various threads, and delivers metrics world wide. Whether stainless steel butt weld tees DIN 2615, or sanitary welding liners DIN 11851, Swiss Fittings is your international fluid technology expert and online fitting shop.