Central Warehouse in Germany & Switzerland, therefore no custom declaration required for deliveries within the EU and Switzerland

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A Large Selection of Flow Control and Industrial Products Supplied by Swiss Fittings AG

The enthusiasm in delivering high quality fittings, valves, pipes and flanges through an online shop, is as important as understanding the product itself. Swiss Fittings produces and supplies technology that has been successfully installed for decades. The product range offered is continuously expanding and ready to be shipped either from our central warehouse in Germany or from our sub-warehouses in the United States and Switzerland. Order your needed fittings, valves, flanges and pipes simply and easily online.

Central Warehouse in Germany, Complete Customs Cleared Deliveries

Swiss Fittings understands the importance of having smooth and quick deliveries. Our logistical experts are aware of any rules and regulations, insuring trouble-free deliveries. From the central warehouse located in Germany delivery time within Germany takes 1-3 days. Throughout Europe, Swiss Fittings can deliver with full custom clearance within 2-4 days. Deliveries to the United States with full custom clearance delivery involves 4-5 working days. Swiss Fittings has its own production sites for stainless steel fittings, valves and flanges; therefore we are also able to supply clients with direct shipments from there.

Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Pipes, Online Experts 

The online shop was initially established to provide clients with a clear price advantage for high quality stainless steel products. The price advantage is derived from the direct manufacturing for Swiss Fittings reducing the cost of any unnecessary middle man. Furthermore, Swiss Fittings’ high quality standards result from decades of product experience and a thorough understanding of every step in production. Besides being experts in the production side of the products, Swiss Fittings has a highly innovative IT team who has created an up-to-date online platform. We offer our expertise, regarding infrastructure technology and production to our clients, and continue to obtain a clear advantage in the marketplace.