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Silicon Sealing Tape

Material: Silicon
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UNI EN 751/2 CL. A/ARP, DIN 30660
DVGW EN 751-2, AGA AG 208/98 (Australian Gas Association)
WRAS BS 6920 (Acqua portabile, Portable Water)
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Silicon Sealing Tape 15 Meters
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Silicon Sealing Tape for Stainless Steel Fittings and Valves, DVGW, AGA and WRAS Approved 

The new trend in fittings installation is the use of silicon tape for sealing as it has several key advantages when compared to other sealing products. Silicon is used in a wide array of products because of its durability. It is also a repellent to microbiological growth. Silicon’s ability to repel water makes it ideal for forming watertight seals. The DVGW, AGA and WRAS approved tape offered by Swiss Fittings can be used in diverse applications. According to the UNI EN 751/2 norm, this tape can be used for water at 16 bars at 95°C and 7 bars at 130°C. When using the silicon tape for gases it can be used at 5 bars from -20°C to 70°C. The tape is offered in 15 meter lengths, which generally can be used to seal 60-75 fittings of 1/2”. The silicon sealing tape is unique in that it can be repositioned (unscrewed & retightened) after installation, and it will still retain a secure, tight seal. Swiss Fittings is one of the first online shops to offer this innovative and market changing product.

Instructions for Silicon Sealing Tape for Threads

Prior to using any sealing tape, it is always important to first inspect the thread of the fitting or valve. The thread should be clean and without any damage. Silicon tape is wrapped around threads very similar to regular Teflon tape. The adhesive side of the tape should face towards the male thread. The wrapping of sealing tape should always go in the thread direction, starting from the beginning of the thread. While wrapping the tape around the thread, there should be a light stretch, allowing the tape to adequately adapt to the thread. When the thread is wrapped with the tape, it is possible to tear the tape from the tape roll. For smooth materials, such as stainless steel and brass it is recommended to feel around the thread confirming that the tape is within the grooves of the thread.

SST of 14 mm width

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